july 08, 2019

Version 1.3

  • Admin can make all comment cards anonymous
  • Shareable retrospective board link
  • User can update his name & email address
  • Added user feedback icon
  • UI adjustments
  • Ability to import multiple users

May 06, 2019

Version 1.2

  • Lock a retro board for feedback
  • Ability to give anonynous or un-anonymous feedback
  • Display name of user if not anonymous on comment cards
  • Added request feedback button on main menu
  • Implemented the automation feature

Mar 18, 2019

Version 1.1

  • Ability to exprt retro board to CSV format
  • Users can merge two comments
  • Users can like a commnet card
  • Add more then 3 columns
  • Ability to make a user as admin or remove admin rights
  • Send feedback push notifications
  • User feedback screen
  • Map feedback to related retrospective board
  • Feedback email notifications
  • Added realtime updates on retrospective board
  • Ability to refresh the retrospective board
  • Fix icons not displaying if connected in rapid succession

Feb 25, 2019

Version 1.0

  • Users can signup & login
  • Create retro Project
  • Users can create, update or delete a retro board
  • Invite team members to project
  • Create retro board
  • Edit/delete boards
  • Invite team members to retro board
  • Forgotton password email
  • Edit column name
  • User can add a comment
  • User can edit a comment

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