Comment Cards

What is a comment?

During your retrospective meetings, Anyone from your team can add, delete or edit the comments on the board. In order to create a comment card. Just enter text in the text field and press enter. Your comment will be added

add comment  

How to add anonymous comment?

Anyone can choose to write comment as anonymous by using the anonymous toggle on the retro board

add comment  

How to merge two comments?

In the column drop down select the option "merge comments"

create retro board  

Now a check box will appear on all the comments.

create retro board  

Now select all the comments you want to merge, and click on the merge button.

How to change background color of a comment card?

When you add a comment, It will have a default color. But you can change the background color as well

Click on a small arrow on the comment card. Choose the color you want.

comment background color  

How to like a comment?

Just click/unclick like button on the comment card to like/unlike it

comment background color  

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