Reetro Boards

What is a Reetro board?

A retro board is a place where you can run your retrospectives.In order to run a retro you need a retrospective board and team members on your board.

How many retrospective boards can be created in a project?

There is no limit to the number of retrospective boards that can be created in a project.But keep in mind we will archive retro boards older then 1 year. All these archived retro board will still be accessbile to the board admins.

How to create a Reetrospective board?

Follow these steps to create, manage and edit a retropsecitve board. Keep in mind only admins can create, delete, update a retro boards

In the main menu go to the boards section and click "Show all boards"

create retro board  

Click on "Create a new board" button

create retro board  

You can choose among various pre-defined retrospective board layouts

You can also define your own etrospective board layouts

You can choose to make this board public(shareable via URL) and anyone with a link can add comments to it

You can also choose to collect fedback as anonymous

Once a board is created it is displayed on "Show all boards" view

create retro board  

How to add team members in a board?

Once a board is created, You can add team members to the board, Go to Manage users and add users you want on your retro board

add users to retro board  

How to lock a board for feedback?

Once you have created a retrospective board. You can lock it for the feedback by clickin on the little lock icon.

Most of our customers use this feature to avoid getting feedback before they are ready for the retrospective meeting. Or once a retrospective is done.

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What is Public (shareable) board?

You can make your board public at anytime you want. This is make it possible to copy the board URL and send it to the team mebers. Anyone with the board link will be able to access it and add/delete comments to the board.

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What is "Collect feedback anonymously" functionality?

Admin of a retro board can set this option to make all the feedback on the board to be anonymous.

How to export board data?

You can export your retrospective board with a single click

Go to actions and chooe "Export yo CSV" option

A CSV file will be downloaded on your computer

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What happens when a retro board is deleted?

When a retro board is deleted, all the relevent data is also deleted.You should always double check, before deleting a board. Because once a board is deleted all the data related to it will be gone.

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