Reetro Feedback

What is a Reetro Feedback?

Feedback is a request to add comments on the retrospective board.

ask feedback  

What is a feedback push notifications?

Admin of the board can ask for the feedback anytime. Or he can also automate this process by using automation features. Once an admin ask for feedback a push notification will be sent to all the team members.

reetro push notification  

What is feedback email notifications?

In the same way as push notification is sent. Users will also get an email notification.

How to submit feedback?

Once a user gets feedback push notification or email notification, he needs to click on the link

reetro push notification  

If user is already logged in, then he will get an in-app message

reetro in-app notification  

A window will open, as shown in the image below

reetro in-app notification  

Layout of this feedback screen will be set based on the retrospective format selected by the admins

You can write your feedback in each column

You can also choose to give feedback as anonymous user

Once you press "submit" button, your feedback will be mapped to the respective retrospective board.

reetro feedback submission  

Does feedback notifications/functionality works across all the devices?

Yes, reetro feedback functionality works acreoss all the platforms (web, mobile,tablets).

Can a non registerd member submit feedback?

No, a non registerd member cannot submit feedback via push notifications. He can only add comments on a shared public board.

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