Reetro Projects

What is a Reetro project?

A project is a root entity, All retrospective boards will be created under a root project. When you signup, by default a project is created for you.

How many projects a company can create?

You can create as many projects as you want. Typically we recomment one project per agile team. So if in your organization, you have 4 agile teams, running different projects. You can create one project for each team.

Is it possible to add single user to multiple projects?

Yes, Same user can be added to different projects. But keep in mind for each project user needs to create a separate profile.

How to create a Reetro project?

Follow this flow to create a new project

Go to projects--> Show all projects

Click on "Create A New Project" button

reetro create new project  

Add project name

Add project description

add board description  

Click save

add board description  

How to add users in a project?

Once you have created a project you need to add people to that project. Follow the steps below.

From the main menu, Click on the "Manage users"

add user to project  

You can write email id of a user, you want to add to your project (for multiple users separate them with a comma)

If you want to make that user as Admin then click on the "isAdmin" check box

make user as admin  

After you have added the user to your project.An email will be sent to them with a signup link

email sent to user  

You can withdraw admin rights at any time

You can grant admin rights at any time

You can delete a user from project by clicking on the delete icon

What happens if I delete a project?

If you delete a project. Then all the team members in that project will be deleted too. All the retrospective boards under that project will also be deleted

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